How to Manage Your Business Remotely?

6 months ago

COVID-19 or even alien invasion, your business is protected!

According to the Coronavirus outbreak and its certain impact on the global economy. Every successful businessman should have a backup plan for crisis management. A smart plan that can help him to administrate his own business and reduce the potential risks to the minimum limits. That is what will talk about through the upcoming line.

Backup your business now is mandatory! 

To back up your business with mobility prospects and working wherever you are is not an option anymore. It’s important to get ready for any upcoming crisis that could happen throughout the project lifetime. There are tons of tools that will enhance your business management remotely and help you moderate your employees from anywhere. 

How to run your business remotely 

  1. Search for the perfect way to communicate with your team.                                                                                                                                       Through using easy, open channels of connection. It’s your important first step. 
  2. Technology is your secret weapon to take advantage of it as much as you can. And we will show you some tools to help you proceed and be on track.
  3. Define standards for the work system and task delivery.
  4. Schedule regular meetings to follow up with the workflow with your team. This will help you control the process and achieve your business goals.

Tools to help your remotely business management 

These tools below will help you manage the whole process from all its dimensions. And to stay informed with all steps through your business.

  • Workflow management tools:                                                                                                                                                                                Bitrix24, Scoro, Asana, or Everhourthey are the most effective tools that will help you manage your company and the workflow. Also, any one of them can assist you to know the whole tasks and work hours of every team member, assign tasks, and keep on track. you can integrate many applications with them or launch more applications inside their platforms.           
  • Scheduling virtual meetings tools:
    GoTo Meeting, Zoom, or Pukka Team or Google hangout: these tools will help you to schedule and run audio or video meetings virtually. 
  • To-do lists, assigning tasks, and tracking the progress of achievement:
    Meister task, Wunderlist, or TrelloThese programs will help you in your task assignment process and to keep up with achievements during the different phases.
  • Brainstorm with your team members:
    Bubble.us or Skitch: these tools will help you if you need to deliver a specific idea and share it with your team. A program like Skitch helps you to simplify delivering your idea and help others to understand it by using visuals and shapes.
  • Easy communication is the most important for you:
    Slack, Freshdesk, or Jellthey will give an easy way to communicate with your teammates. 
  • Virtual Storage:
    Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, pCloud, or IDriveyou can use any cloud of them as common virtual storage between all of your team members.

To sum up, you as, a businessman, should set a backup plan or plan B for any cases that could happen one day. Just get ready for whatever happens to remain your business sustainable and successful too.