How to create a Perfect Pitch Deck?

6 months ago

What is a Pitch Deck?

Pitch Deck is your smart brief that you can introduce through a short presentation consists of 10 to 20 slides at most.
As an entrepreneur, it’s your magic way to persuade investors with your project to get the needed fund that your business acquires.

It has a golden role in assisting investors or specific target persons to learn more about your business and how it goes which leads to secure funds at the end.

Tell your story to engage them!

Your pitch Deck is your perfect tool to tell people your story. And present a clear vision about your business and how it secures a perfect solution for an existed problem.


What should your Pitch Deck Include??

There are many opinions about the main elements that should be included in your pitch deck but here you will find the major elements that you need to clarify.

1. Introduction;

That tells your potential investors, target customers, or whoever you want about your project, and storytelling is your perfect method to use.

2. Problem;

Here you will highlight a problem or more than one that your product or services can fix and tackle.

3. Solution;

It’s your clear and concise way to show them your solutions to this problem that you can offer.

4. Opportunity and market size;

Here you will explain your potential opportunity and information about the target market and your chance to compete. 

5. The Product;

Now it’s time to present your actual product or service and show it off.

6. Traction and roadmap;

At this part you can show your vision, actual growth, and your major objectives and where you want to be or your next steps.

7. Teamwork;

Here you can introduce your main team members behind your business and the role of each one.

8. Competition;

It’s a part to define your main competitors and how you are different and your chance is much better.

9. Finance;

Money and the financial knowledge that matches your goals and has an obvious impact on your business.

10. Investments and fund;

Here you can tell the potential investors what you need from them and the way of using funds and your reasons.

11. Contact;

 Don’t forget to add your contact info to let people reach you easily. 

5 tips to design your ideal Pitch Deck

  • Keep it simple with direct and to the point information.
  • Grab the attention through using storytelling.
  • Don’t use too many bullet points as it’s a boring matter.
  • Keep it short with no more than 20 slides.
  • Use PDF format while sending it.

The best 7 tools to make your Pitch Deck

There are many tools that you can use to design a perfect Pitch Deck and here are the best of them;

  1. Google Slides.
  2. Prezi.
  3. Canva.
  4. Docsend.
  5. Haiku Deck.
  6. Slidebean.
  7. Sketchdeck.