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About Us

Excelogica was founded by a group of investment and technical professionals to incubate digital information technology startups, we help entrepreneurs develop innovative business ideas and turn them into successful companies.
our team has a vast business and technical experience which help the entrepreneurs and venture capitalist to reach their objectives throughout a business model which minimize startup risk for all game players
our Incubation program for supporting digital Technology startups designed to help early stage projects from ideation to implementation, keeping their constraints as cost & timeline in mind.
We encourage the cooperation between Investment and startup communities to establish, prosper and boosts Business Growth of high-value added sector.

Our Objectives

• Spread the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among the middle east new generation.
• Encourage youth to be innovative and help them to participate in the society development
• Bridge with societies which have a top-notch technology and gain from their experience.
• Link the startups with local, regional and international venture capital investors


Our Rounds

The round is when we receive and select ideas and startups from ambitious entrepreneurs, we have two rounds per years which are


started from the 1st of April till 20th


starts from the 1st of October till the 10th of the same month.

Why Excelogica

We are here to …

  • Mentor your product journey till it become a sustained company
  • Bridge the links between entrepreneurs and investors
  • Minimize your startup cost throughout the right allocation and shared services
  • Support the digital transformation of our daily activities
  • Creating new jobs to benefit our societies
  • Encourage the community culture and echo sound of startup investments in the middle east

Mentorship services

• Measuring outcomes
• Mentors and entrepreneur are paired based on needs
• Enhancing strategic business initiatives

• Reducing turnover costs
• Improving productivity
• Enhancing professional development

Technical Development

• We provide our entrepreneurs technology development constellation & consultation.
• Technical proper implementation roadmap, support and technical assistance through the project lifetime.
• Technical sessions to deliver the implementation know how

Business development

• We provide our startups with business development techniques to expand the business, maximize profits and create more revenue streams.
• We support our startups with core connections related to the business in the market which guarantee the startup expansion and success.
• Our community and Public relation management provide you a direct relation with Investors, Sponsors and Venture Capitals.
• We connect our startups to the world through planning campaigns, events, guiding presentations, speeches and handling all media activities.

Strategic Planning

• We guide our startups with the required marketing plans and strategies that suits their business model
• We support our startups with marketing campaigns executions, monitoring and controlling.
• We provide our startups in-depth market analysis that guides and consults entrepreneurs for a better market understanding

Workshops & Panel discussions

We conduct workshops and panel discussions which elevate entrepreneur’s knowledge

Project management

• Internal consultancies such as a project management office that provides consistent program and project management using a set of methodologies.
• Product reporting for Investors and venture capital.
• Developing life-cycle and stage-gate models to ensure the product is on track to meet deadlines.
• Establishing processes and controls to calculate when resources should be reallocated.
• Reduce administrative overhead and potential errors through automated billing and budgeting processes

Legal advice

• Company foundation advisory services and legal documents fulfillment
• Advice on legal internal and external documentation

Financial Planning

• Set realistic financial model for the product
• Transfer product plan into numerical actions and monitor financial KPI progress
• Periodic financial valuation of the company and share prices

Our Incubation Facilities

Our goal of incubation facilities is to allow entrepreneurs to focus on limited resources to achieve their goals.Technology has always been the driver for incubation facilities as it’s expensive to purchase, maintain and train entrepreneurs to use.

Hosting Facility

• We provide our entrepreneurs a co-working space to avoid loneliness and enhance flexibility, Networking and team sprit
• Information Technology: Operational capabilities supported by high end internal IT department.
• Data Centers: Specialized facilities such as data centers can be wrapped in a service contract and operated using IT service management frameworks.
• Communication tools: Offering technology devices that are standardized across the incubator
• Infrastructure: Offering cloud platforms & database services in one place

get your idea incubated


For selected ideas the entrepreneurs will be invited to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and present their ideas to our creative committee


Once you agree on the program terms, we assign a mentor to work with you to transform your idea into reality


Apply your idea throughout our website form


We evaluate your idea, share our feedback and recommend the best implementation program

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