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About us

Excelogica was founded by a collaboration of investors and technical professionals to incubate digital startups and information technology small entities, we help entrepreneurs developing innovative business ideas and turn them into successful companies.

Our professionals always work exponentially to help the entrepreneurs and venture capitalist achieving their objectives throughout a professional business model which reduces startups' potential risk for all participants.

Our Incubation program is designed to support Digital Technology Startups through business stages from ideation to implementation.

We encourage the cooperation between the Investment pioneers and startup communities to establish, prosper and boost Business Growth of high value-added with a significant ROI.

Why Excelogica??

We are here to …
  • Mentor and support your new-born digital startup through all phases to become a sustainable entity.
  • Facilitate and Enhance communication between entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Control the cost of setting up a startup through optimal expenditure guidance and the mechanism for utilizing common services.
  • Support the digital transformation of durable activities.
  • Boost Community development by creating new opportunities.
  • Encourage investment culture in emerging projects throughout the Middle East.

Our Objectives

• Spread the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among the Middle East new generation.
• Encourage youth to be innovative and help them to participate in social prosperity.
• Bridge with societies that have top-notch technology and gain from their experience.
• Tie up the startups with Venture capital.


Our Services


  • Follow-up workflow objectives and measure the results
  • Tie up mentors and consultants with entrepreneurs throughout the incubation period.
  • Utilizing strategic initiatives.
  • Control regular expenses.
  • Improving productivity.
  • Enhancing professional development.

Technical Support

  • Provide a designation of technical and practical strategies with assistance through the implementation phase.
  • Offer technical sessions and training courses to help entrepreneurs perform professionally.
  • Provide entrepreneurs technology development constellation & consultation.
  • Technical proper implementation roadmap support and technical assistance throughout the project lifetime.

Business Development

  • Support the utilization of our database and services of the PR department to help startups with reaching targets, achieving required expansion and outstanding success.
  • Offer business development consultations and innovative techniques to Maximize Revenues.
  • Promote integration between startups and society by holistic media plans including advertising campaigns, events, presentations, and all related media activities.

Strategic Planning

  • Boost startups with the required marketing strategies that suit their business model.
  • Assist startups throughout marketing plan phases; creation, execution, monitoring, and observation of results.
  • Provide startups with an in-depth market analysis that guides entrepreneurs to understand the genuine conditions of the target market.

Workshops & Panel discussions

  • Conduct workshops and panel discussions that elevate entrepreneurs’ knowledge to reach the required level of professional performance.

Financial Planning

  • Preparing financial models and budgeting for projects.
  • Transfer conventional work plans into measurable KPIs and realistic financial procedures.
  • Periodic financial valuation of the company’s stocks and business needs.

Legal Consultancies

  • Provide legal advice for the company’s foundation and required documents for registration procedures.
  • Offer comprehensive consultations which will cover other company’s legal parts.

Project management

  • Internal consulting, such as the PMO, which provides various program and project management services using a range of advanced strategies.
  • Frequent information and analysis reports of company performance and implementation development.
  • Develop appropriate business models for product development phases to ensure following-up the correct implementation track.
  • Consolidation of Process management and control mechanisms that help to figure out the resource re-allocation period.
  • Control expenses and potential risks by electronic payment activating and professional financial planning.

Excelogica... Incubation facilities

The key purpose of Excelogica's facilities as an incubator for startups is to give entrepreneurs the know-how to manage their limited resources to achieve their objectives efficiently.

Co working spaces

• Provide an optimal environment through co-working space to enhance flexibility, integration, and communication, as well as team spirit
• Information Technology: Operational capabilities supported by high end internal IT department.
• Data Centers, which meet the requirements of business leaders which include cloud services and technology hosting services.
• Communication tools: Offering high-standard communication devices equipped with the latest technology.
• Infrastructure: Offering comprehensive database services and cloud platforms in one place.

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